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Scott-European Medical Corporation
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Scott-European Medical Corporation:

over 500 projects on equipping medical institutions in Russia


SCOTT-EUROPEAN has been a supplier of medical equipment and medical items in the former USSR and ,then, in Russia and CIS since 1979. During this over twenty-year period the company has supplied a great deal of equipment, starting with suture material "Sharpoint" (USA) and ending with the complex equipping of a city hospital in Nyagan (KMAD, 2001-2003) and a hospital in Lenisk-Kuznetskii.

The range of the equipment delivered by our company is incredible wide – its short description you will find in our catalogue. Our delivery geography is vast, too, from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk and from Salekhard to Alma-Aty. In the 1990s we delivered medical equipment to Belgorod, Izhevsk, Tolyatti, Voronezh, Blagovetshinsk and Saint-Petersburg through Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund (CMIF).

We are official representatives of a number of foreign manufacturers, such as Hill-Rom (USA), HemoCue (Sweden), Matachana (Spain), Steelco (Italy), Stolter (Poland), Metro (USA). Also our company closely cooperates with the world leading manufacturers of medical equipment -Draeger (Germany), GE (USA) and Siemens (Germany).

We employ highly qualified personnel, having training at the manufacturing companies on regular basis.



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