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Scott-EuropeanDisinfection and sterilization
Disinfection and sterilization
Sterilizers. Series 100

Sterilizers of low and high capacity, table- and floor-standing designs, hospital and laboratory types.

Fast and universal. Easily installed. Low operating costs.
Manufacturer: Matachana
Sterilizers. Series SC500

Matachana sterilizers series SC500 are produced in Spain and have the highest security level, ensuring an ideal control over all the streilization processes.

These sterilizers are developed to meet requirements of universities, research centres, pharmaceutical and micribiological laboratories.

Manufacturer: Matachana

Washing disinfection machine with a chamber volume of 50 litres. Intended for washing and disinfection of medical, dental and laboratory tools.

Manufacturer: Steelco
STEELCO DS 500/ DS 500 DRS/ DS 500 LED/ DS 500C/ DS 500 DRS4

       STEELCO DS 500/ DS 500 DRS/ DS 500 LED/ DS 500C/ DS 500 DRS4

Manufacturer: Steelco



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