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Sterilizers. Series SC500

Sterilizers series SC500 comply with European quality standards ISO EN UNE 9001 and EN 46001, and also with the certificates provided by the contolling organisatio, Lloyd’s Register Ltd., and with Pharmaceutics and Medical devices Directive. Maintaining these standards ensure that the company, Antonio Matachana, S.A., properly controls the quality of designing, producing, delivering, installing and after-sales servicing of its goods.

Sterilizers series SC500 meet specifications 89/392/EES of Safety engineering of machine operating Directive and 89/339/EES of Electromagnetic compatibility Directive.
In addition to the mentioned above, Sterilizers series SC500 work under pressure and meet standard 97/23/CE of European Directive of designing, producing and conformance evaluation of equipment, working under pressure. Consequently, they have inside marking CE 0053, according to ATISAE (an organization controlling and giving out permission to use CE marking).
The main features of these sterilizers are usability, a medium performance level, micro-computer control, ejector vacuum systemвакуумная система эжектора (Venturi flow meter) and sliding vertical doors with automatic electrical activation.
Sterilizers series SC500 consist of three models and their variations with loading capacity from 154 to 300 litres. These models meet almost all average requirements: use of one or both doors while installing in systems with loading and unloading zones (shared or separated); with or without a steam generator.
Manufacturer: Matachana



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