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SCOTT-EUROPEAN Corporation is an American company, which has been working for many years in Russia. Initially SCOTT-EUROPEAN Corporation consisted of several divisions, such as “Advantоr” security sistems, oil and gas equipment, small-size excavators and loaders “Bobсat” and medical equipment.

Since 1984 the  division of medical equipment started developing actively and, eventually, it has grown into the leading department of SCOTT-EUROPEAN Corporation . The sale volume increase and establishing of the medical equipment technical support system all over the Russian Federation have furthered this development. As a result, the medical equipment division has turned into a separate company – Scott-European Medical Corporation.

Nowadays Scott-European Medical Corporation  is one of the leading companies, dealing in medical equipment supply to medical institutions. Twenty- year successful working experience of Scott-European Medical Corporation  has resulted from deep and lasting links with large and well-known medical equipment manufacturers. We have been dealing with the following companies:
GE Medical Systems, Acuson, Draeger, SpaceLabs Medical, Maquet, Enraf Nonius, Hill Rom, ConMed, Nucletron, Fischer Imagine, Steris, Heraeus, Matachana, SteelCo, HemoCue, Stolter, Siemens, Covidien.
Currently we are developing cooperation with:

  • SHD, Italy, a manufacture of wall panels and equipped modules for clean rooms,
  • Sectra, Sweden, a company which has devised the unique microdose mammograph,
  • Bioptics, Nothern Ireland, a leader of portable apparatus for X-ray breast diagnostics,
  • Mil’s and Novair, France, the developers of an innovative technology for oxygen concentrators,
  • Blom-Singer, USA, a manufacturer of vocal prostheses,
  • CMA Microdialysis, Sweden,  a company possessing the unique technology of  prompt organ and tissue acclimation rate monitoring (up to 4 hours vs. standard 8 hours).
  • Vernacare, Great Britain, a company offering a system of disposable personal care items distruction (bed pans, trays, basins)

Scott-European Medical Corporation  has won several tenders on supplying medical equipment to different Russian regions. Just to specifye some of them:

  • Turnkey equipping of a 440-bed hospital for miners and a 1000-visit outpatient clinic in Leninsk-Kuznetskii, Kemerovsk region in 1995.
  • Maternal and child welfare, Saint-Petersburg, 1997-1998.
  • Maternal and child welfare, Khanty-Mansiiskii okrug, summer 2001.
  • From 2000 to 2009 Scott-European Medical Corporation  supplied medical equipment to hospitals of Khanty-Mansiiskii okrug.
  • Federal programme on resuscitation department re-equipment, Krasnodar region, 2008.

At present  Scott-European Medical Corporation is equipping perinatal centres in Saransk and Kirov, a regional hospital inVoronezh, emergency hospital named after Semashko in Orel, an oncologic dispensary and a children’s regional hospital in Krasnodar, a regional oncologic centre in Arkhangelsk, FGE «Russian cardiologic  science and production complex of Federal high-technology medical help agency», Moscow.

Scott-European Medical Corporation has established good and long-term working relations with medical institutions of Bashkiria, Tatarstan, The Middle and South Ural, Krasnodar region, Western Siberia, Kemerov region and other Russian regions.

The main goal of Scott-European Medical Corporation  is an introduction of advanced medical technologies and high-tech equipment to Russian medical institutions, that has resulted in a company’s  motto «Reflecting future».



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  • Stolter
  • Hill-Rom
  • HemoCue
  • Matachana
  • Metro
  • Draeger
  • Steelco
  • OGSI
  • MIL'S
  • ACUTRONIC Medical Systems AG
  • PhaSeal® System
  • SHD