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ACUTRONIC Medical Systems AG


Furthermore, ACUTRONIC Medical Systems AG concerns itself with the development of fiberoptical instruments for endoscopic display of the airway. Innovative products brought in an excellent reputation for precision and quality in for both applications, regular as well as difficult airway management. Together with prominent clinical experts in anaesthesia, ENT, thoracic surgery and neonatology, ACUTRONIC Medical Systems AG develops new innovative solutions for the daily clinical routine. In particular, the foremost concern of ACUTRONIC Medical Systems is the care for the safety of the patient.

Another important field of interest of ACUTRONIC Medical Systems AG is neonatology, in particular artificial respiration and the monitoring of neonates and preterm newborn children. The FLORIAN respiratory monitor was developed and marketed in the last years world wide and can be regarded as gold standard in the measurement of gas flow and pressure during artificial ventilation. In the springtime of 2003, the company finally launched the FABIAN Neonatal and Child Respirator which has been delivered to various newborn intensive care units. With FABIAN one has a small size but sophisticated highquality respirator, which can be used both on the intensive care unit as well as for patient transportation.

For the future ACUTRONIC Medical Systems intends to strengthen further its position in the world market and to succeed by innovative solutions as well as outstanding customer support. Many customers expect ever more personal, trustful and cordial cooperation, and estimate the competent support offered by ACUTRONIC Medical Systems AG.

Gladly we take care of your projects, problems, and inquiries in the fields mentioned above, and we offer our full attention and commitment in order to find reliable solutions.



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