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Novera 5A

Novera 5A

Functional hospital bed with electric regulations of back and hip sections, height, Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg position, and with an RTG back section.

Steel pipe frame, epoxy, white. Mattress foundation consists of 4 sections, the central section is fixed, the foundation is with plastic framing, there are protective splints by the sides. In the head part of the frame there are two openings for infusion counters by the both sides and a mechanism for uplifting a patient, the back part is movable along the frame. The length of the back part is 82 sm, electric regulation up to 70°, height regulation is electrical, from 43 sm to 81 sm. Fowler’s regulation and knee and back sections lifting electically, Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg position is regulated electrically to 15°/15°, electrical leg and back sections uplifting, cardiologic (seated) position regulation electrically, orthopedic position regulation, mechanic low leg section support, a hip part angle is up to 40° electrically. Mattress frame dimension is 90 sm by 200 sm, total bed dimension is 95 sm х 215 sm, maximum dimension is 95 sm х 235 sm.
There a pre-installed sliding service support. The bed has 150 SH wheels and a central brake, one of the wheels is fixed along the direction. The frame has a standard intergrated length adjustment by 10-20 sm, the lower frame has plastic framing, bumpers in all the frame corners, two butt ends. Panels, made of high-pressured laminate, are removable. Standard panels colours are white, beige, ligth-blue, turquoise and beech. There is a universal pole by the both sides, for example, for an urinal; there is a liquid horizontality indicator, safe workload is 175 kg. There is a pre-installed handle for mechanical emergency back section lowering, a pre-installed handle for mechanical emergency hip section lowering, and a pre-installed rechargeable battery.
Manufacturer: Stolter



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