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HemoCue Нв 201+ and Hemo Cue Glucose 201+ systems

HemoCue Нв 201+ and Hemo Cue Glucose 201+ systems
HemoCue Нв 201+ and HemoCue Glucose 201+

HemoCue analysers are “point-of-care” diagnostic equipment, that is, they enable a doctor to carry out tests repeatedly and make efficient decisions.
Precise, small-sized, light and convenient haemoglobin and glucose analysers comprise results of laboratory accuracy with high speed and convenience of express-tests.
Test accuracy and thoroughness
Numerous studieshave also revealed an excellent test comparability with different laboratory systems. As all consignments accord with each other, there is no necessity to calibrate and regulate equipment once again when starting a new consignment of cuvettes. In addition, due to double wave-length measurement the system compensates deviations, caused by sample turbidity  (high WBC and lipids), automatically.
Choosing a package with two cuvettes optimizes their shelf life. It is convenient not only for laboratories, but also for consumers using the analysor not so often. A new package concept guarantees a 1-year shelf life for a glucose cuvette and 2 years for a haemoglobine one. Eachcuvette, regardless ofitstype, meetsFDA requirements.
Usability and easy maintenance  

After a short training course even personnel not working in laboratories will be able to carry out tests safely and accurately. Analyser calibration will be done by a producer and automatic calibration will be done every switching on. Owing to this function there no need of using a control cuvette. A sound signal, choosen by a customer, will notify you when the results appear on the screen. A new design of a cuvette holder minimizes cleaning and maintenance.

Data storage options
The device can keep in its memory up to 600 results with time and date of the test taken. The results can be printed out, stored on a computer or used for the further analysis.

Double wave-length measurement
HemoCue Нв 201+ : 570 nm for a haemoglobin test and 880 nm for turbidity compensation.
HemoCue Glucose 201+: 660 nm for a glucose test and 840 nm for turbidity compensation.
Sample materials

10 mkl of capillary, venous or arterial blood for a haemoglobin test and 5 mkl for a glucose test.
The results will appear on the screen in 15-60 sec depending on haemoglobon or glucose consentration. Readout is available in g/L, g/dL or mmol/L formats.

Measurement range
Haemoglobin: 0-256 g/L (0-25.6 g/dL, 0-15.9mmol/L)
Glucose: 0-40 mmol/L

Manufacturer: HemoCue



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