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Incubator С450

Incubator С450

The incubator has a noiseless door system, «Quiet Touch». In case of any module failure, it can be easily replaced without an infant transfer. An in-built humidification system is available.

Sound volume inside the incubator is not over 49 dB; an air current speed over the mattress is 8-12 sm/sec; a range of air temperature measurement is 20-38,5С; a range of baby’s temperature measurement is 34-37,9С; a mattress inclination change for 9 and 1°. An X-ray reel is available.

Possible packaging arrangement:

• With single-layer or double-layer walls. 

• Additional humidity servocontrol.

• Additional service of oxygen supply.

• Additional plug-in scales, exterior lighting, side railings.

• A stand with fixed or adjustable height.


Manufacturer: Draeger



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