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Incubator Isolette C2000

Incubator Isolette C2000


Isolette is the latest generation incubator, providing “Neutral thermal climate”, which is so necessary for newborns with critically small weight. In Isolette there is servocontrol of

humidity, oxygen content, temperature of the air and infant’s body.

Available graphic trends of air and body temperature, heater capacity, oxygen content and humidity for the period from 2 to 24 hours and weight change for the period of 7 days. Gradual

Trendelenburg position changing up to 12°. Isolette provides the unique opportunity of nursing and monitoring of 2 twins in one incubator. An X-ray reel is available. Sound volume inside the incubator is not over 49 dB.

Possible packaging arrangement:

• Variants with a front opening panel and opening front and back panels are available.

• A module of oxygen supply servocontrol.

• Additional plug-in scales, shelves and drawers.

• A stand with fixed or adjustable height.

• The number of access ports are 4 standard plus 2 additional iris ports.

• Liquid-crystal display or electroluminescent display.




Manufacturer: Draeger



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