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Scott-EuropeanIntensive care and reanimation
Intensive care and reanimation
Resuscitate Radiant Warmer
Resuscitate Radiant Warmer

An open resuscitation system, destined for newborns reanimation in delivery rooms.

The system has microprocessor-based control of body temperature and a pre-heating regime. The mattress is heated by radiant heat of the upper quartz heater with even distribution all over the pan.

Manufacturer: Draeger
Lamp PT-1400-3
Lamp PT-1400-3

A phototherapy / treatment lamp. The lamp can be fastened to a mobile pole, a wall, or can be used as an accessory for a surgical table.
Regulation of intensity and a light spot size is available. Light input intensity can be changed from 25% to 100%. The light source is a quartz halogen bulb, 150 W, with 1000-hour life duration.

Manufacturer: Draeger

A phototherapy lamp for those specialists who prefer fluorescent lamps to quartz halogen ones.

Manufacturer: Draeger

A system for phototherapy with microprocessor control.

The optimal zone of light coverage is achieved with 3 quartz halogen lamps. An in-built timer allows to set time of the therapy
procedure from 0 to 99 hours. Lamp life span is 1000 hours.

Manufacturer: Draeger
Monsoon universal jet ventilator
Monsoon universal jet ventilator

Monsoon universal jet ventilator for all procedures in ENT surgery, thoracic surgery, heart surgery as for application in intensive care for patients with severe lung injury, ARDS or bronchopleural fistulas. Owing to the automatic warming up and humidification system the equipment is suitable for long termin applications.



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